Real 14k Yellow Gold Ring with 1.5ct 6.0×9.0mm Classic Design Pear Cut Natural Gem AA Tanzanite

Short Description:

  • Metal: 14K solid gold
  • Stone: Natural Tanzanite
  • KT/Purity: 14KT
  • Stone Shape: Pear Cut
  • Setting Type: Prong Handset
  • Net Weight: 1.00 gram (US size 7.0)
  • Optional stone: Moissanite, Gemstones, Diamond
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    The AA grade tanzanite is paired with elegant 14k pure gold, which is certainly a visual treat.

    What is Tanzanite?

    Tanzanite, found in only one place on Earth, is a relatively new discovery. It is commercially mined in only one part of the world: Tanzania, hence its name. Tanzanite is so rare because it has only been found in one place - a 2km long, 7km wide area at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Experts believe Tanzanite was the result of the tectonic activity that created Kilimanjaro, making it highly unlikely that another tanzanite mine will be found.

    Real 14k Yellow Gold Ring with 1.5ct 6.0x9.0mm Classic Design Pear Cut Natural Gem AA Tanzanite-2
    Real 14k Yellow Gold Ring with 1.5ct 6.0x9.0mm Classic Design Pear Cut Natural Gem AA Tanzanite-3

    Cut into a pear shape, the pear-shaped has existed for centuries, making it one of the oldest cuts. While it’s fluctuated in popularity over the centuries, the pear shape remains a classic cut that’s seen a major revival in recent years.

    Yes, we know the round cut is the most popular shape, but the pear cut offers a delightfully unique, stylish look that stands out with its distinctive flair. Pear cut engagement rings have graced the fingers of high-profile celebrities from Mia Farrow’s iconic engagement ring given to her by Frank Sinatra to modern day stars including Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson and Katherine Heigl.

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