• Tourmaline


    Today we are going to talk about the birthstone of October. Tourmaline -- a rainbow falling into the world. Shop Jewelry Tourmaline Description ...
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  • How Precious Are Emeralds?

    How Precious Are Emeralds?

    Green gems, transparent and pure, give people a fresh and comfortable feeling.  In the beryls, emerald is the noble king of beryls. Emerald is elegant and valuable. It is a regular item at auctions and is often used by the royal family. Why is it so popular? May birthst...
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  • Garnet


    Shop Jewelry Garnet Description The English name of garnet is derived from the Latin word Gra natum, meaning "like a seed". Arnet crystals are pretty simila...
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  • Tanzanite


    Shop Jewelry Description of Tanzanite Tanzanite, found in only one place on Earth, is a relatively new discovery. It is commercially mined in only one part ...
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  • Platinum Ring

    Platinum Ring

    Platinum is one of the most popular and valuable metals in engagement and wedding rings. There are many reasons for this. Shop Jewelry · Platinum has been a popular and sought-after jew...
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  • Channel Setting vs. Pave Setting – How to Choose

    Channel Setting vs. Pave Setting – How to Choose

    While most people are keen on the selection of the gemstone, it’s equally important to choose a setting that can be safely places and fully displays the stone. Pave and channel are two of the most popular types of ring settings. They determine the look, style, and desig...
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  • Amethyst


    Amethyst, whose name comes from the Greek word "amethystos." Amethyst was once thought to be as valuable as ruby, emerald and sapphire, and was often worn by Kings and clergy. Also, according to a recent survey by MVI Marketing company, sapphire is the most desired color...
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  • 4 Claws vs. 6 Claws – How to choose?

    4 Claws vs. 6 Claws – How to choose?

    While it may seem like a minor detail, the number of claws that an engagement ring will set is an important decision. While the number of claws per ring can vary from 3 to more than 8 claws, most solitaire rings have 4 or 6. What's the difference between 4-claw ring and ...
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  • Peridot


    Peridot is a kind of natural gem, its main components are iron, magnesium, silicon, but also contains manganese, nickel, cobalt and other elements. This gem is also one of the common minerals in the earth, and one of the main minerals that constitute meteorites. It is na...
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  • Aquamarine


    Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family like emerald and is one of the more interesting choices for engagement rings. Its name means "water of the sea" in Latin, which is romantic in itself, especially if the engagement ring is for s...
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  • Citrine


    Throughout history, citrine has been one of the most popular and sought-after gemstones on the market. It is known for its beautiful, gorgeous yellow color and is widely used in jewelry, especially engagement rings, for its high durability and stunning appearance.  ...
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  • Opal Stone

    Opal Stone

    Opal is known for its distinctive appearance and has been a popular gem used in jewelry for centuries. As official gem for the 14th wedding anniversary and October's birthday stone, opal is a highly sought after gem. What is Opal? ...
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