Today we are going to talk about the birthstone of October. Tourmaline -- a rainbow falling into the world.

Tourmaline Description


Tourmaline is a kind of mixed gemstone, tourmaline crystal color is diverse, it is said to be up to 15 kinds of complex colors. There are mainly colorless, rose red, pink, red, blue, green, yellow, brown and black. What’s more, transparent sky blue, bright rose red and complex color with pink and green are the best in the tourmaline.

Tourmaline has been loved by people since ancient times because of its bright color, variable and high transparency.

50-70% of the world's-colored tourmalines come from Brazil. Afghanistan, East Africa and the United States are also major sources of tourmaline.

Legend of Tourmaline


According to legend, who can find the rainbow foothold, will be able to find eternal happiness and wealth, although the beautiful rainbow often appears to people’s life, but people always cannot find its starting point.

It wasn't until 1500 that a Portuguese exploration team in Brazil discovered a gemstone that glowed with neon lights. Like a rainbow shooting from the sky to the center of the earth, the ordinary stones bathed in the rainbow get all kinds of colors in the world along the way, being refined and crystal clear. Not all stones are so lucky. The gem hidden at the foot of the rainbow is called "Tourmaline" and also known as "the rainbow falling to earth".

Legend has it that the tourmaline dates back to 1703, when a couple of kids in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, were surprised that the stones had the power to attract or repel light objects, such as dust or grass, in addition to their strange colors in the sun.

Not until 1768, the scientist Linnes found that tourmaline also has piezoelectric and thermoelectric properties, which is the origin of the tourmaline name.

Meanings of Tourmaline


People born in October are naturally brave giants, confident and adventurous. They are naturally passionate, dedicated and tender, and good friends who don't hold grudges. As tourmaline stands for elegance, true love and noble.

Tourmaline is a natural energy gem, with the characteristics of permanent radiation far infrared, is a natural cardiovascular and cerebrovascular protection stone. Applied to the human body, can smooth the body, make the microvascular dilation, promote the whole-body blood circulation. It can decompose the harmful substances in the blood vessels, remove the vascular obstacles and effectively smooth the blood vessels. It can regenerate the peripheral tissue of blood vessels, activate tissue cells and delay the aging of blood vessels.

As the tourmaline has a variety of bright colors, it can easily make people have a sense of joy and freedom, and can expand people's mind and vision. Tourmaline is currently one of the second only colored stones to diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald.

Actually, different colors of tourmaline have different symbolic meanings.

The green tourmaline is a gemstone that makes people happy, joyful and satisfied, also known as the stone of wealth.

Blue tourmaline, a symbol of communication and sensitivity between people.

Black tourmaline looks dark and deep. Can effectively eliminate pressure, fatigue, turbidity, improve one’s health and fortune.

Watermelon tourmaline is inside a crystal stone. It is red inside and blue and green outside, just like a watermelon, so that's where it gets its name from. However, the quantity of watermelon tourmaline is quite rare and the price is high. Watermelon tourmaline helps to eliminate all conflicts, contradictions and complex in the heart, so that people can have a happy, joyful mood.

Rose tourmaline is one of the few deep red tourmalines such as ruby color, a symbol of enthusiasm, cheerful, comfortable and it is popular among people.

Tourmaline Maintenance


The quality of tourmaline is the same as that of other gemstones, which are evaluated and selected based on color luster, transparency, inclusions, defects and weight. However, due to the brittleness of tourmaline, attention should be paid to avoid collision when wearing.

The hardness of tourmaline is about 7-7.5, which is a relatively high hardness gemstone. However, tourmaline itself is brittle and easy to be broken due to external force, which is more likely to happen to some tourmaline with small defects and cracks.

So, when wearing tourmaline jewelry to avoid strenuous exercise and work, to avoid the damage of tourmaline. When preserving tourmaline jewelry, it is also necessary to avoid the friction and collision between it and other jewelry. If it is a high-quality collectible tourmaline, it is also recommended that you regularly send it to a professional jewelry maintenance organization for professional maintenance.


Tourmaline used to make gemstones has a short history, but because of its bright and rich colors and the beauty of high transparency, it won people's love at the time of its appearance, and was called the charm gem.

Post time: Nov-21-2022