Classic Brilliant Round Diamond Wedding Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

Short Description:

  • Metal: 14K solid white gold
  • Stone: Cubic Zirconia
  • KT/Purity: 14KT
  • Stone Shape: Round cut
  • Setting Type: Prong Handset
  • Net Weight: 2.45 gram(US size 6.5)
  • Stone Weight: 0.5carat center stone, 0.77ct for total
  • Optional stone: Moissanite, Gemstones, Diamond
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    This classy and classic round cut shape center stone paired with row diamonds ring is undoubtedly a unique combination. A round cut diamond ring is one of the most common diamond shapes, and this method of cutting perfectly presents the brilliance of the diamond. Round cut shape diamond symbolizes the trust and dependence of love, the persistence and responsibility of the family, and is the representative shape of the protection with love. Wearing this round cut shape diamond ring represents kindness and easy-going, and the couple has a strong sense of responsibility for the family, attaches importance to their love, and is worth relying on. In particular, this ring features a brilliant, superb cut, each with a perfect facet that reflects a dazzling light.

    Classic Brilliant Round Diamond Wedding Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold (1)
    Classic Brilliant Round Diamond Wedding Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold (3)

    The center stone of this ring is set with classic four-prongs. The four claws symbolize responsibility, love, tolerance, and represent the love of a lifetime, which is a precious element in marriage. The four-prong setting is made up of four evenly spaced pointed claws, which look like the four corners of a square object, giving the diamond the shape of a square box. Obviously, if your favorite central diamond is square or rectangular, then this four-prong setting pattern ring is more suitable for you.

    This ring is pretty suitable for weddings, adding a fashionable feel to the wedding, making the aesthetic wedding also fashionable and enhancing the temperament of the bride. At the same time, this ring is also a good choice as a match in daily life. Whether it is attending a banquet or traveling on your own, it is an exclusive feature that adds some charm to your outfit.

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