3.0ct Rose Gold Classy Radiant Cut Shaped CZ Diamond Ring

Short Description:

  • Metal: 14K solid rose gold
  • Stone: Cubic Zirconia
  • KT/Purity: 14KT
  • Stone Shape: Radiant cut
  • Setting Type: Prong Handset
  • Net Weight: 3.20 gram(US size 6.5)
  • Stone Weight: 3.0 carat for center,3.78ct for total
  • Optional stone: Moissanite, Gemstones, Diamond
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    This 3.0ct ring features radiant cut, an improved cutting method patented by Henry Crossbard. Invented in 1977, radiant cut was created by craftsmen who wanted to combine the elegant shape of an emerald cut with the luminosity of a round brilliant cut.

    Radiant cut has a rectangular shape and cut four corners, with a total of 70 facets, which maximize the refraction and reflection of light from the gemstone. It not only has a high rough retention rate and easy-to-match shape of emerald cut, but also has excellent radiance performance with round brilliant cuts. Therefore, radiant cut is the best way to show diamond brilliance and sparkle in addition to round brilliant cuts.

    3.0ct Rose Gold Classy Radiant Cut Shaped CZ Diamond Ring (1)
    3.0ct Rose Gold Classy Radiant Cut Shaped CZ Diamond Ring (4)

    This means that the radiant cut shape is more suitable for creating rectangular stones, so this ring is extremely perfect for you. This ring resembles the classic shape of emerald cutting, and has more charm, so it will be perfect for those who enjoy the timeless mark. 

    The main thing that dominates the market is the standard round brilliant diamond cut, although the round cut diamond is recognized to best express the beauty of the diamond, but in the cut and shape, the special-shaped diamond is superior. For students who like square diamonds and want to have a round diamond-like brilliance, this kind radiant cut diamond ring gives people a refreshing feeling with its unique shape, which is definitely your choice.

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