14K Solid Gold Princess Cut Gemstones Rings Customization Wedding Ring Set with Peridot and Amethyst

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  • Metal: 14K solid gold
  • Stone: Natural Peridot, Natural Amethyst
  • KT/Purity: 14KT
  • Stone Shape: Princess Cut
  • Setting Type: Prong Handset
  • Net Weight: 4.12 grams (US size 6.5)
  • Optional stone: Moissanite, Gemstones, Diamond, CZ
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    This is a beautiful ring made of amethyst and peridot. The unique 6.5mm princess put main stone is set off by the delicate and small peridot and exudes elegant charm. The combination of two natural gems highlights the femininity.

    Amethyst, named after the Greek word "amethystos", was once thought to be as valuable as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Amethyst was often worn by kings and clergymen. But now, it is affordable for the masses. And according to a recent survey by MVI Marketing company, sapphire is the most desired colored stone among American consumers, followed by ruby, emerald and amethyst, indicating amethyst's popularity in the hearts of consumers.

    14K Solid Gold Gemstones Rings Customization Wedding Ring Set with Peridot and Amethyst-5
    14K Solid Gold Gemstones Rings Customization Wedding Ring Set with Peridot and Amethyst-4

    Amethyst is the witness of the love between Dionysian and maiden, so amethyst also symbolizes love. According to tradition, the gemstone given on the sixth wedding anniversary is amethyst. Wearing amethyst also ensures a happy marriage.

    Also, the delicate small peridot is no less impressive. High quality peridot is transparent olive green or yellow-green, green symbol of hope, yellow symbol of nobility. Beautiful olive green reminds people of nature and vitality, and the fresh green has the feeling of early spring. Therefore, wearing peridot is associated with peace, happiness, serenity and other good meanings. Peridot is also sweeping the jewelry market like a spring breeze.

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